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El técnico asturiano Fran García es el elegido para pilotar la nave naranja en la nueva temporada del equipo zamorano en la máxima competición del baloncesto nacional, la Liga Día. La octava temporada consecutiva del equipo cuenta de este modo con un entrenador de sobrada…




14/11/2017 14:10

1. Name and Surname:  Lina Pikciute

2. Age: almost 27 :)
3. Age at which you started playing: 10
4. Teams you've been in before this:
Lithuania: Klaipeda “lemeninkainen” ,Kaunas “viči”, Vilnius “kibirkštis” Marijampoles “sūduva”
Sweden: Udominate

5. Place of birth: Klaipeda
6. What is your role as a player?  Post player
7. Best feature as a player? the best hability of me would be, my energy on the court and my defense as a post player :)
8. Quality that you would like to have:
I would like to have best quality of me, in every kind of way.
9. How long more did you like will dedicate in basketball?
As long as my body can handle this sport, you never know, you plan god laughs;)
10. What do you usually eat before a match?
food :)))
11. In the time-out, Do you always understand what say your coach?
Hmmm, sometimes I have a hard time to understand, but then I ask again and then I understand.
12. You have always wanted to practice basketball?.
No, I wanted to be actres, singer, but never athlete, but then time to time I start to feel love for basketball and now we are together till now :)
13. Any words to motivate those people who want to be basketball players?
Best way to be fit and healthy, you become mentally stronger, you can find the best of you playing this sport, you can meet a lot new beautiful people.
14. Sport idol: Elena delle donne
15. Historical character: Napoleon
16. Historical time in which you would like to live:  In Napoleon time, I would love to stand up next you that little guy :)))
17. A sporting moment to remember: I have a lot, all the thropys I won leaves beautiful moment in my memory, but the best one probably is when we won 1st place with national team U20 and when I was nominated best player of the year in lithuania.
18. A moment of your life to remember:
When my niece born!
19. Profession of the future:
20. Sports to practice (apart from basketball):  volleyball
21. Sport to see:  basketball
22. A Spanish player:  Anna Cruz
23. A foreign player:  Elena delle donne
24. Most fun teammate: Anja
25. An NBA team: golden state warriors
26. A mania before playing: Listen music
27. A goal for this year:  Do my best and do the best with the team.
28. Madrid o Barça: Barca
29. Nike o Adidas: Adidas
30. Train or plane: definitely Train!
31. Beach or mountain:  Both.
32. A holiday place in Spain:  Costa brava
33. A holiday place outside of Spain: Bali
34. A city to live: Malaga
35. A number: 11
36. A color:  black, grey, white
37. A book: it’s lithuanian person biography book ( hard to translate the book name )
38. A movie: the Intern
39. A TV serie: Stranger things
40. A singer or musical group: The weeknd and Jessie Ware.
41. Favorite social network: Instagram
42. Favorite food: sea food
43. Favorite drink: wine
44. A hobby: wakeboarding
45. A wish: To be healthy, no Injury’s
46. What you like most about Zamora: it’s quite and small city, that is what I really like
47. The least you like about Zamora:
Not only about Zamora, but about the spain, that they have Siesta during the day and it’s nothing working:))
48. Something to say about Zamora:
you are beautiful Zamora :))
49. Who do you nominate?




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